Meet Mr. Uche

Mr. Uche is not a Lazy Nigerian Youth (assuming you’re still a youth at 40). He runs a successful business at Ladipo Market, selling spare parts for various cars. His only customers are those that just stop by the shop to ask if a particular part is available and he has no means of keeping in touch with the few that eventually get to buy products off him. For a while he thought he was at his best, considering he has a few people dropping in daily to pick up one spare part or another.

We met with Mr. Uche and explained the concept of digital transformation. Introducing him to the online world and showed him the possibilities of customers he stands to get by coming online. We showed him the search trend for spare parts online, most of which he has at his disposal and would be willing to deliver using one of his boys and how a lot of people would like to come and buy parts but usually have a job that won’t let them and they, therefore, end up getting duped by mechanics, he was reluctant at first but gave in after a while.

Our first point of call was to understand his products and then we built a system in form of a website where those products are displayed along with their prices and optimized each product on the site for search engines to index easily. 2 weeks after the launch, he had his first order via the website and in 48 hours, the part got delivered to the client who was happy to leave a testimonial and recommend his website to get authentic products. So we created another source of income for Mr. Uche via digital transformation that didn’t require him leaving his shop and had 100% returns on investment.

If you think that having a website only belongs to corporate bodies, permit me to change that line of thought as more and more non-corporate bodies actually need to be online too.

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