It was 8:00 am when I left my house for work, I had been cautioned about not working smart and I knew without a doubt that I was going to be late and my boss was going to have my head (literally). Coupled with the fact that I hadn’t brought in any client since I joined the organization. My job was on the line.

I’d blame this lateness on my boyfriend. He decided to have a mood swing while I was speaking to him on the phone last night. And since I wasn’t in the mood for drama, I wished him goodnight, switched off my phone and tried to sleep. But alas, sleep betrayed me and didn’t come until 2 am which in turn made me wake up late today. But hey, I can’t tell my boss this story, so I might as well just get ready for the scolding.

Sincerely, all I needed to do was to bag one major client and all would be well with my career. I can always sort things out with my boo later. Right now, I needed to get to work and quick.

Walking into the reception of the office, the receptionist greeted me with “Oga wants to see you in his office.” I sighed, dropped my bag and went to see him. And as predicted he went My on and on about me not bringing clients and gave me until the end of the Month to change or leave the company. Thankfully, the Month just started, so I had a few weeks to salvage my situation.

As I silently ate during lunch break at a nearby eatery, a young man walked up to me and politely asked if he could talk to me. I absentmindedly waved him to the opposite seat. He then went on and on about how having a website could get my business or wherever I work (whichever was the case) a wider reach and then increase my client base. My ears lit up at “increase my client base”. I set up a meeting with him and my boss, decisions were finalized and a basic real-estate website for our company was up in another three weeks. Fast forward a week later and we already have five clients lined up for a house inspection with two of the clients already signed up to buy one house each.

I never knew the benefits of a business website till now. Don’t wait till you are in a dire situation before contacting Delvcode for a website suited for you or your business.