Image Source – Lagoon Hospitals

As a result of the Corona Virus, we have just been informed that the lockdown situation in Lagos, Ogun & Abuja has been extended for another 14 days. This means a lot of physical businesses are going to be closed for another 2 weeks, this does not have to be you.

How? You may want to ask, I’d explain. Grab a seat and pay close attention. Every customer is after the service they can get from you as a business not necessarily about your physical office. This means that your customers would be looking for ways to reach you and you can guess the first place they would look for you, It’s online.

When this happens, if your business is not online, their next stop would be and I would not like that to be you. As a result, we have decided to run our Basic Web Design Package at a whopping 50% Discount till the end of April. This means that our website prices start from NGN 75,000. I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity if I were you.

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