So today, while I was thinking about how to have Fun At Work, I stumbled on a website and was looking through it I realized something- the website had a lot of articles that revolved around playing and working at the office. So, I thought to myself, why does it seem like a lot of fun when we read and hear about companies whose employees play hard and work hard but find it difficult to implement that same principle in our own workplaces?

Here’s my opinion- a lot of companies are still ‘stuck up’ in the traditional way of how an office should be run. They still believe that the same principles that were in play when they were growing up are still relevant. The truth is, wearing a shirt with a tie and a jacket to work, ensuring you have a big desk where you are meant to be from 9-5, doesn’t necessarily promote productivity. It makes work become ‘work’ thereby, killing the zeal that a lot of workers start their jobs with.

Some might argue that you’re in the office to do one thing: your job. But according to a research by BrightHR, it was found that employees who have fun at work are less likely to have time off sick, and more likely to feel creative at work and committed to their organization.
Fact is, the world is changing fast and as a result, companies should be more focused on making the employees comfortable to do the work they are employed to do, because, ADULTS NEED PLAY TOO!

Fun At Work

Jigsaw Puzzle

How To Have Fun At Work

Here are some easy ways of including play in work include:

  1. Change the norm – Change, they say is hard and harder to accept when it is not common but if you are able to change the norm and add more fun to it such that it still passes the same message, that can make a difference. Understand what people love to do for fun and find ways to incorporate it into their work
  2. Inspiration – It is a lot easier to do a long write-up about a dog that you love while looking at it and spending time with it as opposed to just having an imaginary one that can have abilities that may/may not be real.
  3. Find similar Minds – When you are at work and you have people with similar interests like you, it is easy to run ideas through your likes and create world-class products. Officially it is called collaboration but seeing as this article is about being playful, I would call it having a playmate. Varying interests can also be a good thing too as there is a bit more to expand on, the most important factor is to make sure you are both/all connected to a frequency that aids free communication.

I’ve shared my thoughts. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic too.